2008 – July

Let me see if I can make the ever so dull life of a housewife sound juicy!

I’m not sure where I left off last so I’ll just start. Fast forward if it’s a repeat. Summer began for us on Memorial Day weekend. The kids were out of school and we went to Cashiers, NC to visit with my dad. Man, I love that place! The “planned development” where they have their house is so well planned! When we got there, the neighbors were having cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the “big house” (the sales office). We met my dad and his wife up there while we waited for my sister and nephew to arrive. My sister, being ever the uptight bitch, would not come up there so my dad and and his wife went home to meet her. Luke and I stayed where there was free beer and food. We had a great time mingling with the folk.

Back to the neighborhood amenities for a second. They have gravel roads throughout and all the houses are nestled in the woods. Some have views of the rock face (I think I have some pics of that in my photos) and others are up higher with a view downward. There’s an area they call “the meadow” which is an open, grassy field with that new frisbee golf stuff set up. You can walk a trail from my dad’s over to the trout pond and fish – yes, I’ve fished and caught but Luke handles the baiting and fish removal. We generally catch and release. In the back of the development, they have an area called the Spa by a waterfall and it’s cleared and landscaped for camping. Everything is landscaped and immaculately groomed by one of the residents who is a horticulturist. He has cleared hiking trails all around and built a deck up on a point of the rock face. Last, they have a lake with canoes, paddles, life jackets, etc but it’s been cold when I was there so I haven’t done that yet. I love driving my dad’s pick-up truck with the windows down and the kids in the back! Reminds me of childhood!

But anyway, back to me. So we went up there for the weekend and my dad and and his wife took the kids from there down to Orange Beach. Luke and I had a week as singletons. It was great! He worked out of town one night so I got one PEACEFUL night all to myself! Something I haven’t had in years. The remainder of the week, we went out to dinner with our friends a few times and just took it easy. A little re-kindling, you know.

Last week, we went to Kissimmee/Orlando for our timeshare week. We decided to hold off on Disney until our daughter is a little older so we went to Sea World two days. The remainder of the time, we spent at the pools (with water slides) and on the 18 hole mini putt-putt course at the resort. Keep the kids in the pool all morning, give them lunch, we have a few beers for lunch, the kids fall asleep because they’re worn out, and mom and dad have dessert. 😀 Kids wake up, take them to the pool again until they’re worn out again! Day over. It was a good trip.

We’re leaving for Louisiana tomorrow (Thurs) to visit the in-laws. We come home Sunday. There’s absolutely nothing to do there. No pools, no shopping, nothing. So, I’ll sit around and watch my father-in-law smoke. My brother-in-law owns a country store out there and is supposed to put on some kind of fireworks extravaganza for the 4th. I’m a little bit scared. I could go into a whole ‘nother interesting story about him, but it’s too long.

Now, next Tuesday is my big photo shoot. I’m having some vintage pin-up style photos of myself made to give Luke for our 10th anniversary. I’ve ordered some ruffled tonga panties, a pair of gold stilettos, a pair of black patent mary jane stilettos, stockings, and bought some false eyelashes as ordered. Oh yeah, I decided to do some photos as a cigarette girl since Luke and I both miss smoking so much but I’ll be using candy cigarettes. I thought that would be funny. I’m getting so excited!

After that, on Thursday I’m headed to Orange Beach with 5 of my friends for a girlfriends weekend. It’s been a long time coming and I can’t wait!