2008 – October

It’s been a while since my last update. I’ve had lots going on but it isn’t very exciting. Last week, Luke and I were due to go to St. Thomas on Fri Oct 17th for our 10th anniversary. Wouldn’t you know, a hurricane appeared down there. Right at the end of hurricane season. We thought we would be safe from that since hurricane season was almost over and of course, Luke didn’t buy the vacation insurance. We decided at the last minute to change our flight to Sunday and hope they would have electricity and running water by then. Turns out, it was a powerful hurricane but very tiny so the strong winds were concentrated around the eye and missed all land as it slipped between the Leeward Islands. So when we got there, all was well. We rented a car this time instead of relying on taxis. DRIVE ON THE LEFT!! I kept having to remind Luke. A little out of time sequence, Luke found out about three days before we left that a little rashy thing he had removed from his arm was basal cell skin cancer so with that happening, we spent most of our time there doing stuff instead of sitting by the pool in the sun. We put our car on the ferry and went to St. John one day and toured the Virgin Islands National Park. In the late afternoons after the harsh sun had past, we would sit by the pool and have a few beers. All in all it was a good time. I came home feeling relaxed and carefree.

That was soon spoiled by my sister from Atlanta who was at my house with my mom when we arrived home. She was being MORE uptight and stiff than usual. I won’t even go into all that girlish nonsense but I ended up bursting into tears and telling her I was tired of her making me feel uncomfortable in my own home. She popped off back at me, packed up all her goods, grabbed up her screaming son and left. Things were much better the remainder of the weekend! Unfortunately, I had to talk it out with her on Tuesday which accomplished absolutely nothing but I guess it made her feel better. I just don’t care to be around her anymore but I’ll do what I have to do while my mom is sick.

Speaking of mom, I’m at chemo with her now. We met with the doctor this morning to get the results of her latest PET scan. It appears the cancer that spread to the lungs is shrinking dramatically which is great news but the tumor in the neck along with those lymph nodes appear to be unchanged. The doctor says the most important thing is to stop the growth in the lungs right now and we’ve done a good job of that. We will continue on with the existing treatments of weekly chemo for 3 more months then do another PET.

As for me, I haven’t had a period in over 45 days. Now, Luke had a vasectomy 4 yrs ago and I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I didn’t think there was any way I could be pregnant. My doctor says that it could be stress. You think?!???!? So if it doesn’t come back by the 60th day, I should go in. I’m sure that was more information than you needed but just so you can relate to my mental status. I’ve had major acne popping up on my face and in other locations.