2010- March 8

I always seem to make things interesting for myself…but sometimes they are just a little more than I can handle. Gosh, I’m not even sure how to start this one since it does need a little history added to it to understand the “again” part. Let’s start here….

I do love to do some drinking. Sounds interesting already, doesn’t it? Well, at times, I can drink a bit too much and not remember what exactly I did while drinking. This often gets me into trouble with my husband. He likes to hold my behavior against me the next day even if what I did wasn’t really all that bad.  It’s really all about him having the upper hand,  a little something to bring me down a notch or two,  or something he can use to guilt me. And guess what? It always works. I digress…

I managed to polish off a bottle of red wine last Thursday evening while I was waiting for my husband to return from a business trip. I managed to get the kids up to bed and talk my way out of reading to them (because I couldn’t see the words clearly).  Since it was then “my time”, I did what I usually do and that was to get on Facebook. That would be mistake number one.  Now let’s back up just a tiny bit to understand how that led to mistake number two…

Ahhh, spring! Time again for baseball! Our son is involved in the city baseball league and we’ve made some great friends at the ball park. When the season gears up, we find ourselves spending lots of time at the ball park with practices and games but the best part is going out to eat after with all our friends. With my husband being out of town last week, the responsibility fell on me to get our son out to the practices.  I’m sitting on the bleachers looking around because there really isn’t much else to do; my one other mom friend didn’t come to any of the practices this week. Low and behold, I see a real “looker” dad on our team this year.  Yep. He’s definitely EC (eye candy… a sweet treat for the eyes). Is it me or is he staring my way too? Again. And again.  I gotta know who that is! My detective instincts kicked in. I hear him calling to his son and make mental note of the son’s name. When I get home, I look through our emails and find out the dad’s name.  Hmmm…I wonder if he’s on Facebook? Yep.  I bet you see where this one is going.

Now we return to the wine drinking Thursday night and my Facebooking… I somehow got it in my head that it would be a grand idea to send EC a friend request, you know, as long as I justify it with a note saying our kids play ball together. What the fuck was I thinking??? I wasn’t. Upon return to soberhood the next day, I look a little closer at his profile. He only has 20 friends, all of whom are co-workers and MEN except for one that is obviously his co-worker’s wife. He also has a church listed under his Pages section. Oh holy HELL! If his wife looks at his page and sees me in his friends list, how will that look??? What if he decides to ask my husband at the next practice why I’m friending him? The more I think about it all the more I start sweating and shaking and just freaking out. (rhetorical question here) So what do I do??? I try to make it right! Soberly. I go back on Facebook and use the Send Message feature and send EC the following:

Please feel free to ignore my request. In re-thinking the situation, I realize it is totally inappropriate. I apologize and must now go dig a hole deep enough to crawl into.

That was on Friday morning. As of Saturday at noon, no response but we had a practice game. I put my big girl panties on and went wearing my darkest sunglasses.

Upon my arrival, I see EC sitting on the bleachers. I’m scouring to see if someone I know is there for me to sit next to but I can’t find anyone. I look at the other side and notice my mom friend sitting there and realize EC is sitting on the bleachers for the wrong team. I did my best not to look over his way. I also had to introduce myself to his wife, our team mom. My paranoia had me feeling she was talking to another mom behind my back but she was quite friendly to me and made no mention of my stupidity. She even called over to EC trying to get him to come over to the right team’s side but he refused.

So here I am on the following Monday still sweating. The friend request is still dangling out there with no response. Did his Facebook send his emails to his home email? Did his wife get them and delete them? Does he just not check his email? Did I scare him so bad he’ll never touch Facebook again? Is he a Bible thumper? Holy crap. It’s gonna be a long baseball season.


1 Comment

  1. Sluggo said,

    March 20, 2010 at 4:35 am

    That’s some juicy stuff! Any new developments with EC or EC’s wife? Have some more wine so you will do something else content worthy! Well, maybe not too much wine…

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