2010 – March 20

I wish I had something worthy to tell! I’ve just returned from a family vacation to Cashiers, NC. Our last couple of baseball practices were rained out. And according to the weather forecast, tomorrow’s may be rained out as well. From some emails we have received from EC’s wife, the team mom. they are out of town as well. We are finishing up our Spring Break week here. And this town has been desolate! But back to the matter at hand…it appears EC and family are out of town until tomorrow and won’t make practice. They should be at the next practice on Thursday. I will plan to attend that one and see what happens then. I am scheduled for a surgery on Friday morning at 6am….so that means I will have to be at the hospital at 4:30am on Friday morning. That will put me in a recovery state for two weeks. I don’t plan to follow the rules and stay home for the complete two weeks. I mean, you do realize I am a rule breaker, right??? Nonetheless, I will miss the first baseball game on Friday March 26th. I am calming down a bit and just taking what comes my way…but thus far, an acceptance to my friend request has NOT come my way.

On our way out of town, I checked the mailbox. There was a letter from the attorney handling my mother’s estate. I was expecting it would close soon and indeed it will. I now have the final forms to sign to admit the closing of the estate to the court. Kind of a sad mile marker. It’s really harsh to see it all written out in black and white…the finalization of it all. It seems like just yesterday she died.

Poetically, when I returned home, I checked the mailbox yet again only to find the finalization papers for my father’s estate as well. There is so much involved here that I don’t think I can even go into it. We (my sisters and I) have grounds to contest the estate but I don’t think we will…at least I know I won’t nor will my sister Kelly. There has been question all along whether Tracy will and it is not something Kelly and I can really talk to her about.  This is really another story for another long, long blog post and I will try to get to that soon.

So, I guess I should be thankful I only have to go to the Notary Public once to get it all signed and done. Early on when my mother became very ill, I had several people say to me, “Won’t you be glad when this is all done and you can get back to your normal life?” What they don’t understand is that it is never over and life is never normal again. It’s a different life that must go on; it’s just gotten a little smaller and a lot more complicated.


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