2010 – The EC Update

Well, it’s been a rainy baseball season so there have not been any practices since my last posting believe it or not. Last Thursday, I logged in to FB to find that my friend request to EC had (of course) been denied. It’s now back to the Add As A Friend button. No note, no nothing! Not at all surprising with my theory of his devout Christianity.

That being said, my husband comes home from work last week one day and starts telling a story of another medical rep he knows here in town. He said the guy’s name and I IMMEDIATELY recognized it as one of EC’s friends on his FB page. Yep. And my husband’s story goes into the fact that this rep guy is a devout Christian and home schools his children, all four of ’em. So, I’m guessing this fella and EC go to the same church. Don’t you figure??? Seems to be a bunch of folks over there with a bunch of kids!

What a small world! EEEEK!!! E-GAD! EC is friends with one of my husband’s co-worker friends! YIKES! **slowly backing away**

I’m laid up recuperating from the previous post surgery. I might be able to get in clothes and make it to a game this weekend, weather and health permitting. We’ll have to see. Just thought I would go ahead and throw this up since my brain cells are disappearing like bubbles these days post anesthesia and morphine.


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