2010 – April 16

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2010 – April 3

Saturday, baseball day. I am getting around quite well and feel better and better each day. I decided it was time to get out of the house, go to the game and face the music.

We arrive at the park early so we did a bit of standing around waiting for the game before ours to be over.  I am standing by the bleachers of our field and Luke is behind me with the kids. I hear Luke say hello to EC and his son. I didn’t turn around; I just pretended to be following the game being played.  Shortly after, I see him pass in my peripheral vision.

Some of my other mom friends began to arrive so we took our seats. EC sat a couple of rows behind us slightly to the left. He had a clan of people with him including two of his other kids and I believe I heard him introduce one lady as his neighbor. I was hoping to find a moment when no one was really around to properly introduce myself but the opportunity never seemed to arise.

His wife arrived late…from the mall, I overheard him tell someone on the phone. She has on some high-water mom jeans with a lavender v-neck t-shirt  that hits below the hips and some burgundy ballet style shoes. Her hair has no style; straight shoulder length dishwater blonde with bangs and looks like it has been curled under with her curling iron. She is wearing some somewhat current tortoiseshell sunglasses. She is never wearing make-up and stands kind of hunched over. I also notice she has lots of those raised type moles all over her face. I just don’t get it. I really don’t. I mean, he’s rockin’ some cool hair; long-ish black hair…tons of it…with great body to it and it’s a hip style that requires him to do a little sling action to keep it out of his eyes. He dresses well…not your standard Levi’s with a polo. He usually has some stylish shirts and some trendy jeans on with Birkenstock clogs or leather slip-on shoes. Some thought definitely went into his wardrobe, unlike his wife.  So what the hell is going on here??? Maybe he has the personality of a paper bag.  Maybe she has an exceptional personality. But come on, even ugly people can dress themselves up a bit!

So why do I find myself so interested and obsessed with this? I just have to know the inside scoop on this guy. He is beautiful!

Holy crap! I need a new hobby.