2010 – April 16

Ummm, yeah. So the latest on the EC situation for anyone interested…although it appears I have no one checking on my posts recently…. I feel the need to do my own update.

Baseball is rolling along. We’ve had to double up on our schedule a bit because of all the rain earlier in the season. At several of the recent games, EC sits on a row behind me (and my other mom friend) but he doesn’t really speak to anyone much. I thought if I could find an opportunity when no one else was really around, I would try to break the ice but he won’t even cast an eye in my direction. I have even tried to make eye contact so that I could say “Hi” or something, but no luck. He always looks in another direction if my head even turns his way. I thought for sure I could get him the other night after a game when he went toward the dugout to get his son and no one was anywhere near him (his wife was not in attendance). I looked over at him and tried to make eye contact but when he saw me looking, he jerked his head in the opposite direction.

We had another game today at 5:45p. His wife was not there again. He was doing the score book for the game and stood up in the pavilion where the announcers are. After the game was over, he came down and was going to get his son so I again tried to force eye contact. He did finally look in my direction and give a slight nod as I said “Hey”. I could tell he was scared to death. Not good. I never intended to scare him to death!

We have another game tomorrow. We will see how that goes.


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