The Shampoo Trick

So my husband insists he needs Head and Shoulders shampoo. I’ve never seen dandruff on him but he says he has it. Well, in my penny pinching nature, I try to save a bit by buying the store brands when I can. I purchased the Equate brand of Head and Shoulders from Wal-Mart to see if it was ok. Before he even tried it, he said it wouldn’t be the same. I put it in his bottle in the shower and he used all I bought but told me it was no good. I went back to the store to buy the Head and Shoulders the next time. I did buy it but it was $8 and some odd cents compared to the Equate one that was $2.97. Ridiculous! I just refuse to pay that much for that kind of shampoo. Now if it was a salon brand, I understand. So, being the sneaky girl I am, I’ve been buying the Equate and putting it in the old Head and Shoulders bottle and using that to refill the shower bottle. Do you know I’ve been doing this for over 6 months and that joker hasn’t even noticed?!??!


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