It’s just like the song says…

You find out who your friends are. If you don’t know that song, go to and look it up. So true.

What has happened to common courtesy these days? You invite someone to do something with you and they agree then when the time comes, you don’t hear from them. Is it too much to ask for them to let you know they don’t plan to make it?  Come on! Don’t leave me hanging!

I have invited two friends to come visit me here in Orange Beach for a FREE weekend at the beach and neither had the common courtesy to call me, email me, text me, just whatever and let me know they never planned to come. Is that too much to ask? Or am I such an ass that no one wants to come see me? I cant quite figure it out.

My husband often gets on my ass about friends…telling me I don’t have many because my standards are too high but as this happens, he tells me,  “They aren’t your true friends.” So if they aren’t my true friends, am I supposed to keep then on board and take further hurtful actions from them? I just don’t know. Should I look deeper within myself to see why this is happening? These are people who beg me to find time for them but when I do, they don’t show.

I find that the true friends I keep are ones that will gladly tell me at the drop of a hat that I am at fault or I have done something stupid. I have no problem with that…they stick by my side regardless. Do I need friends that don’t?

It’s about to be my birthday. I wanted some of my friends to come and spend it with me. I am offering a free place to stay at the beach. The ones I knew would come are coming no matter their responsibilities. They marked their calendar and plan to be here. And I thank God for them.


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