I am a logical and analytical thinker. I ponder things and look for answers. I love having answers. Math was always an easy subject for me in school. Give me a problem and I will work on it until I solve it. Maybe that’s why I did well in technical support where I was thrown new challenges on a daily basis. Whenever some new, strange intermittent software glitch started causing calls to come pouring in, my mission was to find what was causing it and I’m proud to declare, I nearly always found it.

But in life, I can’t find the answers to everything. That drives me mad! Absolutely MAD! And I seem to set myself up with equations that cannot be solved. I spend all my time pondering hypothetical questions and situations…things that won’t ever happen or can’t happen for me…and I want to know the possible outcomes. And I can’t. It’s like never having closure, another thing I can’t stand. What would I do with the answers if I had them? Would that satisfy me? Generally, when I have an answer, I can move on to the next problem. But these are all questions and situations that have endless possibilities and involve other people and without their input, I have no answer. So why do I spend all my time worrying over these things that won’t or can’t happen? Why can’t I concentrate on things that are achievable and try to finish those?


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