The Old Boyfriend Search

I love using Facebook to look up old boyfriends and crushes and see what they are up to these days. For the most part, I’m no longer interested in any of them but I’m nosy and I like to know other people’s business. It’s just plain fun to me.

So, about a year or more ago, I began searching for a boy I dated my senior year of college. I met him at a freshman orientation party. Several of my sorority sisters and I decided to go to this party because they had a great band playing. While I was there, this cool, long-haired boy caught my eye. I was fresh out of a short, tumultuous relationship and was ready to find someone to make the previous fella jealous. BINGO! Off I went through the crowd and introduced myself to this boy. He was sweet as can be and very interesting. He came to Auburn from Tampa and was enrolled in summer school instead of waiting until the fall to start. Soon, my friends came looking for me as it was time to go get another beer. I went with them, kicking myself for not getting his number. On our way back home, low and behold…there he was walking down the street with his friend. I made my roommate stop and pick them up. We took them back to their dorm and I gave him my number. Thus began a year long romance with this 19 year old boy.

I graduated that summer and moved back home until I found a job several months later in Birmingham. We continued to date long distance though. My friend Angela was still living in Auburn working so I could go visit and see him quite often and after I moved to Birmingham, he would come see me every weekend…knocking on my door with flowers he’d pulled up out of somebody’s yard. Somehow, my friend Angela managed to work her way into my brain and began to encourage me to break it off with him. She would pick apart his every action and had me believing I could do better. So one night, I managed to pick a fight with him and told him it was over. It broke the poor boy’s heart, I tell you. The next thing I know, he’s smoking weed all the time, doing a bunch of acid and hanging around a crowd of losers. I heard after several months that he’d quit school and was doing “odd jobs”.  Then, I lost touch with him.

When I got really into Facebook, I started looking for him on there. Never could find him or his brother and sister. Then one day as I searched his name, a group popped up called “Where in the world is Jav???” Apparently a group of his high school classmates were searching for him. I added myself to the group. Someone posted a siting one day…saw him on a bike at the 7-11 in Tampa. Then another person was going to contact his brother. This guy did reach his brother who said Javier was living in Alabama and was married with 5 kids…all girls. Then nothing.

Yesterday, I decided to go check in on the group. The very first post on the list was from Jav! So I pulled up his profile. So exciting!!! Well, let me show you what I found…

HOLY CRAP! Is that his trailer??? And gee…he looks so happy.  On to more photos…I found one with his lovely wife…

Is that a stain on her shirt??? Did he suffer a brain injury from all that acid??? One last one…

Could he be any happier? I bet I know why. I’m still FLOORED by all this! And I will use this as a lesson to my children! THIS is why you don’t do drugs AND stay in school!!