The Orchid

When my mother was living with us during her cancer treatment, my sister Tracy gave her two beautiful orchids. Mama had them prominently displayed on a shelf in her room so she could see them. She always had a green thumb with lots of plants everywhere in her condo. After the orchids quit blooming, she wasn’t able to get up and tend them anymore. One day, Mama asked me to clip off the blooming branches for her. She instructed me to clip them off at the base of the plant. I thought I’d read somewhere once that you should only clip them off a few notches down so I questioned her about that. In her (rightfully) ornery state, she insisted that I clip them at the base so I did as instructed. It wasn’t long after that Mama died. I have kept all her plants still in the window as she had them and I to tend them weekly, if not more. Those poor orchids just weren’t doing anything but keeping their leaves.  Being the internet researcher that I am, I went out to read up on them. From what I read, if you clip them at the base, they may not bloom again for years. I considered throwing them both out but the guilt just wouldn’t let me do it.

Several weeks ago, one of the orchids put out a new growth that looked a little different from the usual roots that are always popping out. So, I tied it to the stick that once held the healthy bloom stem. It continued to grow quite rapidly and I kept it tied to the stake. It started to get these little pods on it…I was still unsure if it was an actual bloom stem.

This Monday, I returned to tend things in her old room. And after nearly TWO years…

she blooms again.  For you, Tracy.


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