Random interactions with my children and Luke

01/25/12  Sometimes at bedtime, I will lean over and whisper to Ila, “Do you know what?” to which she says, “What?” and I tell her, “You’re my FAVORITE daughter! Shhhhh! Don’t tell anybody!” She thinks that is a huge secret!

01/25/12  My funny (but sad) story for today is… Cole came home from school, did his homework and went upstairs. As soon as he reaches the top of the stairs he says, “WHOA!!! Look at this carpet!!! It looks so pretty! MOOOOM?? Did you vacuum today? Wow! Look at my carpet in my room! It’s beautiful! Man!!!”

You think I need to vacuum more often? Don’t judge.

01/16/12  Cole:  ‎”I guess ALL Mondays really ARE bad! Even if they are a holiday.” – while under house arrest today. My kids were acting out today and have caused me to cancel my lunch; therefore, I am canceling their everything. We’re doing school work all day.  Later as we sat in silence, Cole says, “Everything is so calm.” To which I replied, “Except me.” Cole said, “Ummm…I mean quiet.”

10/15/11  Ila: Mom…would you buy some figs next time you go to the store? Cole: OH! I love Fig Neuters!!!

8/10/11  Ila discovered a pair of Cole’s underwear in my bathroom floor. She called out, “HEY COLE! Did you know your undies have a pocket???”

7/29/11  Cole asked me today if I was alive before the internet.  *o*

7/2/11  Luke: Do you know what I’ve noticed about y’all being gone? Me: You’re happy??!?!

7/2/11  Me: You must REALLY be on vacation! You’re not watching news or sports. You’re watching Food TV! Luke: Giada’s having a pool party.

6/6/11 Last night upon entering our hotel room, Cole exclaimed, “I love fancy knockers!” He was playing with the metal door knocker. Luke said, “Me too, son. Me too!’

5/17/11 Fed my kids FAKE chicken tonight. Morning Star Farms chicken starters. Cole ate his in no time flat. Ila tasted one and said, “Mom…this doesn’t taste like our chicken. It tastes like paper.”

5/15/11 So I’m putting Ila in bed and she says, “Mom, I wish there were no weekends.” I replied, “Me too, honey. Me too!” She said, “Why Mom? So we could learn everyday?” “Yeah, baby. Every day.”

5/13/11 Cole has been rather emotional lately. Luke was worried about hormones so he asked Cole if he had anything going on he needed to talk about. Cole replied, “Dad. I’ve been having these urges.” Luke hesitated then asked what kind. Cole started jumping up and down and screamed, “The urge to do JUMPING JACKS, DAD!!!”

May 2011 Last Friday, I single-handedly managed to move my GINORMOUS sectional sofa out of my living room, roll up and turn my 9×12 rug. I then got one part of the sofa back on it but the rug was not straight and I couldn’t pull hard enough to fix it. Had to wait for Luke to help. When the kids got home from school, they wanted to know if we were having company. 😀

Winter 2011 Ila was home sick from school. She was on the sofa and felt so bad. She looked at me and said, “I just want to be happy again.”


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