Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

One of our first nights here in Orange Beach, the kids and I were down at the pool. I sat in a chair reading while the kids were having fun swimming. Cole met up with a little girlfriend.  She told him her name was Michelle but people called her Shelly. He started to say he had a crush on her.

We would see Shelly at the pool nearly every day. She started to come to our unit and play with both kids. Shelly introduced us to her two sisters, the oldest is 13 and the other is 11; Shelly is 8.  When Luke came down that weekend, Ila and Shelly decided to plan an overnight sleepover. Ila wanted to spend the night at Shelly’s. I told her we would talk about it. Shortly, Shelly’s father came down and introduced himself to us to let us know it was ok if  Ila wanted to stay. Her father was around our age, if not a little younger. He and Luke talked shop about his job. The family had only been at Back Bay for the last month but were living here. The father travels back to Huntsville for his job with a roofing contractor. He is working on the tornado damaged homes in that area and said he works from 7am to 10pm daily. He also mentioned his 19 year old twin nephews that were currently living with them. One travels with him working while the other is here looking for a job. Apparently, they were having troubles at home and he offered to take them in and make them work.

Luke and I decided we would let Ila go for the night. After the dad left, I told Luke something just seemed strange. Luke of course thought I was nuts.  I went up the next morning around 11am to retrieve Ila. Their mother was vacuuming and the girls were on the master bed watching a kid movie. In the living room, another woman and man were sitting on the sofa. I told Ila to come home when the movie was over.

Luke went home after the 4th of July weekend and my Aunt Carol Ann and Kim arrived the same day he left. These girls from upstairs were coming and going on a regular basis at this point. Oddly, the older two girls would rather spend their time chatting with the adults than playing with my kids. So one night while Carol Ann, Kim and I were sitting in the living room, Carol Ann began to pick the 11 yr old for information. We discovered that they’d already lived in three other places (since April) down here. They’ve lived at The Caribe, Phoenix on the Bay, and the RV park prior to Back Bay. The girls never live anywhere long enough to make friends or play any organized sports. Their mother has a job in Mobile “collecting checks for charities” and the other man and woman that were on their sofa are the mother’s sister (Aunt Ashley) and her fiance (Uncle Willy). The twin boys are Chris and Alex.

You never see the mother out by the pool but the twins are out and so are the aunt and uncle. I saw the aunt and uncle out with the kids one evening and the uncle seemed to get very angry about something and started running the oldest girl inside. The next day, Jessica (the oldest) came down and said she didn’t want to go back upstairs because her mother was at work and her aunt and uncle were mean to her. I asked what she meant by mean and she told me they had hog tied her and put her in a closet yesterday for dunking her sister Reagan (the 11 yr old) in the pool.

Well, these people have a total of 9 permanent people living there with an occasional 18 on weekends when everyone is home. I wondered if our condo association knew about all this. Seems they do. They are trying to get them out of here because they are flicking cigarette butts from the balcony and abusing rules around the place. I noticed the girls coming down to the pool one day with sunflower seeds in a big bag. They had a cup to spit the shells in but the elevators were both littered with shells. It is my mission to help get these trashy people out of here as well.

I contacted a board member to let him know all the information I knew from picking the 11 year old. The board was meeting a few nights ago to determine what could be done. Apparently, they will terminate their lease and ask them to leave by Aug 3rd.

The girls have been down since and told story of moving to unit 404 and another unit on the second floor. Their mother met a man at the Flora Bama the other night named David who they are calling their “savior”. He is letting them move into unit 404. I immediately let my board contact know this information. He soon called me back letting me know that the David in 404 was in the process of trying to get his current lady friend to move out so  he could move in this mom from 901. I noticed on Facebook that the mom no longer has the dad on her friends list. Hmmm…so she met this man at the Flora Bama and is moving her kids in with him? The daughters tell too that the mother has two other daughters in South Carolina. Very interesting mess.


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