Oh the irony!

Norma came to visit weekend before last to see Cole and Ila play their soccer and football games. They haven’t seen her since we were in Orange Beach over the summer.

On Saturday morning as we stood watching Ila’s soccer game, Norma told me a story about meeting her future son-in-law’s mother a a recent bridal shower. Norma explained that Mrs. Patterson was very prominent in local society and wanted to speak to her about the marriage. Mrs. Patterson explained to Norma that divorce did not happen in their family and she hoped Haley understood her place was to stand by Ben regardless of circumstances. Well, Norma didn’t take that too well and explained to Mrs. Patterson the following:

“Well if your son chooses to run around with every floozy in town like her father did, then divorce WILL happen in your family. “

I had to stand there and bite my tongue as I thought of my father and how he ran around on my mother all the time. I wanted so badly to say that but I didn’t.


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