Smooth move!

I have to back up and pave the way into this one. So Norma was my dad’s wife. We’ve gotten to know her family because they were often down in Orange Beach at different times and also came down for a week every summer. Norma has a sister, Susan,  that lives in Atlanta. Susan is married to Dan; they are a few years older than I am. Dan is one of the greatest guys! He is a jokester, hilarious, outgoing and super friendly. As for Susan….

Yeah. At that wedding reception when I was pretty well lit, I called Haley’s uncle Dan over. For some ungodly reason, I had decided that was a good time and location to discuss the fact that his wife HATES us (me and my family). He insisted she didn’t but she never speaks to us. As a matter of fact, she avoids us at all costs. We’d seen her at the two gatherings at Norma’s and each night, if she came into a room where either Luke or I was, she would turn and leave. I asked Luke if she ever spoke to him. He told me no. So I relayed this to Dan. Again, he insists she has nothing against us but it is this way every time we see her.

Well today, on my way in, I picked up the mail. Low and behold, I got a fucking letter in the mail from Susan. I really didn’t have a recollection of dumping all that on Dan so I had no idea what it was about. As I opened it, it all came flooding back and I felt bad…just for an inkling. In the letter Susan explained what tremendous amounts of stress she was under that weekend. She’d brought her 13 year old son and one of his friends that were bored stiff, she went on a 15 mile bike ride the day of the rehearsal dinner, she is training for a triathlon Dan has signed her up for, blah blah blah. Ok. What about the other 40 times I’ve been around her??? She always looks like she’s pissed so I never bother with trying to approach her.

A few months ago, Norma confided in me that Susan has an ongoing health issue with her colon. When Susan had her last child years ago, it apparently ripped her from one end to the other. She has had numerous surgeries on her colon/rectal area to try to repair it but no success. The last one, the doctors gave her the option to have a colostomy temporarily and do a radical surgery that should fix it permanently or go for just another patch-up and hope for the best. She opted for the latter because she couldn’t stand the idea of a colostomy.

All that kinda makes me feel bad for her. But all in all, maybe it’s why she holds her ass so tight and is a bitch! Cause it wasn’t the stress of that weekend….

Now, I have only myself to thank for having to write her back.


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