Would you care for some dessert with lunch??!?

Yesterday was our girls lunch day. Three of our four were able to go this week. And naturally since I was there, something odd happened.

I’m not going to name the restaurant for reasons you will later understand. But at this particular place, you place your order up front, get a number and they bring the food to your table. I get to the register to order and there is a young guy, very cute and personable, taking orders. I see a sign that says 50% off wine on weekends so I asked if that applied today. No, of course not. I ordered a New Castle. He wanted to know if I needed a glass. I laughed and told him that I always come prepared and pulled a hugger out of  my purse. He found that amusing. I got our number and headed off to our table.

Another man brought our food and a few minutes later, here comes that young fella asking if we needed anything. We told him no that we were all good. He struck up some conversation and was overly friendly. As soon as he left, we started discussing who he might be flirting with and whether or not he was gay. Something about his gestures and body movements led us to believe he was probably gay. We continue our conversation talking about our holidays and New Year’s Eve. Well, a little later, here he comes back. He wanted to know if Debbie and I needed another drink. We told him yes. While he was away, I pulled out the money to pay for it since Debbie’s birthday was coming up. She insisted on getting the tip. He comes back with our drinks and I try to hand him a $20 to pay for it. He whispers and motions for us not to worry about it. I insisted he take the money and he said no. Debbie asked if she could at least tip him. At that point, he jokes and says, “Sure. And for $100, I’ll meet you in the bathroom!” We all laugh as he takes her tip and walks away. Well, that was weird! He went over to another table and was talking to two guys eating. We thought they looked like they might be gay as well so again, we come to the conclusion he’s gay. Plus, Debbie offers up that any heterosexual man wouldn’t ask for money to meet him in the bathroom for a quickie!

Another visit from our friend and Debbie and I are getting another round. This time I MADE him take the money. When he came back with my change, he asked if I was married. I told him yes. Now he mentions he has a new relationship in Huntsville so he works weekdays and goes there every weekend. Interesting. He didn’t say he had a girlfriend…he said a relationship. What straight guy says that???

Right as we are about to leave, he comes back one more time. He pulls out a stack of business cards from his pocket and puts one on the table in front of each of us and tells us to please come back and should we ever need ANYTHING to please call him at the number on the card. Three times after that, he told us that the number on the card was his cell phone number. He couldn’t seem to emphasize that enough. Isn’t it a bit odd to have your cell number on your business card when you work in a restaurant?!?? Most people that work in a restaurant are there all the time anyway so why wouldn’t you have the restaurant number on the card? And his title was Resource Manager. What the hell is that?!?!

When I got home, I looked him up on Facebook. His photo is of him and another guy. Again, not your usual “fella”. Hmmm… I googled his cell phone number. The search came up with a sex toy store in Cottondale, AL. I asked Luke his thoughts on all this (leaving out the phone number part cause I knew he would go nuts). Luke says he’s selling Amway or something. Is he selling sex toys? And if so, why didn’t he have a different business card for that??? For a real opinion, I laid it all out to my girl Heather. She immediately says he is prostituting. *GASP* When did I become so naive??? That thought never occurred to me! Oh my God! That gay boy is selling himself for money! I don’t get it but I’m pretty damn sure she is right. Well, just in case you need some toys or sex, call (205) 534-9805.


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