Girl! You got shrimp in yo trunk!

I’m back in therapy. This time I’ve chosen a new therapist and she is absolutely brilliant! I’ve only been twice but I’ve gotten so much great information. For anyone interested, her name is Doris Wood. I highly recommend her if you are looking for some help.

This week, Doris asked if I knew the difference between “repressed” and “suppressed” memories. I told no. Here is how she explained it to me. Doris and another woman from her church have somewhat adopted a woman in a battered women’s shelter. They are helping her get back on her feet and make a new start. Last week, Doris went to help this woman move out of the shelter into a permanent dwelling. As she always does, she had the woman give her all her laundry to take to be cleaned. Also while leaving, the woman gathered all her food from the freezer of the shelter to take with her. They loaded her belongings into Doris’ trunk and headed out. Well, about two days later, Doris went to get in her car to head to work. She said when she opened her car door, the smell nearly knocked her down! It smelled like something dead. She immediately opened her trunk and saw only the bag of laundry. Much to her dismay, she discovered the woman had put all the frozen foods in the bottom of that bag of laundry and it contained a bag of shrimp. Whoa! So, suppressed memories are things you put aside, well aware they are there, and you plan to deal with them later. REPRESSED memories would be like this bag of shrimp…hidden way back there in your trunk in a bag of laundry. You had no idea it was there. Those memories, just like that rotting shrimp smell, can seep through the trunk barrier and back seats of your car and just stink things up. At some point, you have to clean that mess up. And she told me, “Girl! You got shrimp in yo trunk. You gotta deal with that mess so you can move on.”

So it’s time for me to get that shrimp outta my trunk.