Three Little Birds

Sometimes the one thing I need most is to hear my Mama or my Daddy (yes, even my Daddy) tell me that everything will be fine. I knew when they told me “it’s going to be okay” that it had to be true. They wouldn’t lie to me or mislead me. And armed with that knowledge, I could comfortably move forward. 

Now I’m grown and I no longer have them here to tell me that. I thought about that this morning in the shower. I’ve been longing for years to have someone tell me that everything would be fine and it is all going to be okay. When I feel at my most depressed, I think that is all I need to hear. But no one is saying it.

I am now going to tell MYSELF that. I can no longer be reliant on others to hold me up; I must take control of my thoughts and myself. So today, I told myself, “Everything is going to be okay.” And I believe it.

Sing with me, okay?


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