Christmas 2012

Christmas when I was growing up was just the greatest time ever! My mother made sure everyone came to our house. We always had LOADS of family come stay and I was so excited. I can remember one exceptional year that we had so many people coming, we didn’t have room for everyone so my parents rented a Winnebago and put it in our backyard. All the older “kids” got to sleep in it and I was so jealous. Kelly and Tracy were allowed but I wasn’t. I had to sleep inside on a pallet on the floor. But during the day, I could go out in the Winnebago with them and hang out. They spent most of their time putting in different 8 track tapes supplied by Kelly’s boyfriend Tommy. What a blast.

My mom was always such a great hostess but not at all putting on heirs. She loved to cook for everyone and made sure everyone had a cozy place to sleep. The thought of me having to do all her preparations sends me into a panic attack. She never was panicked though. I can remember the kids playing all day and then the adults settling us all down to one area of the house at night while they stayed up LATE drinking coffee or wine in the living room and talking until all hours of the morning with the stereo playing records by Neil Diamond.

When I was about 6 or 7, I remember being cozy in my pallet on the den floor when my sisters and my cousins came in and told me all about Santa not being real. They asked, “Don’t you realize they are in there playing with all your toys?!?!” I never gave in and told my parents. I wanted Santa to continue.

Christmas was always about being with all this family that we loved so much. I couldn’t wait for everyone to come. The Christmas of 2008 was the last one I spent with family other than Luke and our children. That was our last Christmas with my Mama. Tracy and her family along with Kelly were here to be with Mama. You can read about that one in The Scooter Story. That was one fantastically memorable Christmas. But since then, it’s been just us. I needed that the first few years after my parents were gone but now I long to have a gaggle of people around. That’s how I remember it; that’s when it was good. I wish I could just have all my close friends and family all around but everyone goes their own direction to be with their own family. Can I make a list of those I want to spend my holiday with? I think they know who they are.


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