My dream

I dreamed I saw you…out on the street somewhere. You were happy. You were healthy. You looked wonderful. You weren’t dead after all. I couldn’t believe it. You saw me too…and smiled. You came to me and spoke but wouldn’t let me touch you or get too close. I remember all I wanted to do was hug you but I couldn’t. And you went along on your way.

I saw you again and again. Each time, same thing. You wouldn’t let me get too close. But you were jovial and healthy. And I was so thankful for that.

Finally, after seeing each other several more times, you said I could hug you. I reached out for you and pulled you close. I couldn’t believe I was actually holding you again. It felt exactly as it had before; we fit together perfectly and a calm, peaceful feeling came over me. You felt it too. I know you did because you wouldn’t let go.