Apology Letter to a Friend

For many years now, I’ve gone back and forth on whether I should reach out and make contact with you over how our friendship ended years ago.

Sometimes I thing that anyone under the age of 30 shouldn’t be held accountable for their behavior. And 30 is being generous. But truthfully, we are all accountable for our actions at any age and should use serious consideration before making any rash decisions or actions. This is going to branch out into several different directions here but hopefully I will get my message across.

At the time things fell apart in our friendship, you know my parents’ marriage was falling apart. My mother caught my father cheating on her and given the dynamics of my upbringing, I saw my father in as a terrible person. I hope you can relate this to the issues at hand in our friendship at the time. I do not in any way use that as an excuse; that is merely an explanation of where my mindset was at the time things were crumbling for us.

Now, let me jump forward to current day. I think we both know that wisdom comes from living. And living through tough times, well…that makes a person understand a lot more than one who has never dealt with such. Hardships cannot be ranked; it is more about how these hardships affect us than it is the event itself. But I’ve weathered several. Not only have I dealt with hardships, but I’ve been through 15 years of marriage. NOTHING will open your eyes like marriage. I was always told it would be “hard” but that came with no details of how or why. But hard doesn’t even begin to cover it. Every marriage has it’s own set of complications.

I can’t say my parents’ marriage problems were all my dad’s fault. But probably mostly his fault. Luke and I have our own problems. Less than most but we still have them. Sometimes HUGE. Big enough that I’ve almost left. So who am I to judge other’s decisions on how or what they do with their marriage? How am I to know what is or isn’t allowed in that marriage? I can’t and I don’t. And it was wrong of me to judge you. And I humbly apologize.

Things happen; people change. But mostly, your business is your business and not mine. Years pass. And it took me MANY to realize I was wrong. But I was. And I’m sorry.

Now, I realized after I started working at CPASoftware and met Luke that he was the same one that you once spoke of. I didn’t know that when I initially met him. WOW. That’s breaking a girlfriend rule. I don’t steal another friend’s man. But I saved you from it. 🙂 Trust me.

Much love,


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