Locker Room Talk

Yesterday being Valentine’s Day and the thought of paper hearts and such, I remembered a funny story I thought I would share.


This story goes back to when I was living in Pensacola working at CPASoftware.┬áSeveral of the guys there would all walk down to the YMCA at lunch and work out. One of those guys was Michael. I’ll leave out last names and tags unless they are requested. Michael had two small children at the time and this particular day, one of his kids had made a heart for him and asked him to wear it. Being the great dad that he is, he wore it proudly to work. So off go Michael, Ron, Nick and I believe Paul to the YMCA. They enter the locker room to get changed and are mixed in amongst the other men in the room when Nick calls out across the room, “HEY MICHAEL!!! Why do you have a heart on???” Say that out loud to yourself. Ok. DEAD SILENCE as everyone in the locker room stops and stares at Michael. And Nick stammers a bit and says, “No! No! I mean a… ‘HEART’… on.”