I have a creative need that is unfulfilled and thought sharing some of my life events might be an interesting read to others. Let me make a go of it and see if I can find any followers!

It’s all about the life of a housewife in a suburb who thinks she knows how everyone else should live their lives but can’t seem to get a firm grip on her own.

The last year (really two) has brought about many changes for me. First and foremost, I lost both my parents to cancer. My father was diagnosed for the second time with liver cancer an opted for surgery. The surgery was more complicated than expected and he remained in surgical intensive care for 15 days before being removed from life support in June of 2009. My mother was diagnosed with throat and lung cancer in July 2008. Shortly after, she came to live with me and my family to get treatment. She stayed with us until she died in July 2009. Quite a summer, I must say.

That being said, such activity can take it’s toll on a marriage as you might well expect. Our 11 year marriage remains intact but has it’s moments, as they all do. I might seem anti-men, anti-marriage in my writings, but I’m still in it and making the most of what it offers.

I am sarcastic, quick witted, cynical at times. I am still standing after all that has happened and I am doing quite well thanks to alcohol and Nicorette. Perhaps I will hit a turn for the worse someday. Who knows.

Characters in my life… My life is full of interesting characters that keep me going. My family network was quite strong prior to the above mentioned events and for the most part, it remains so. There are a few family members in my life that have made things difficult during these events but I guess that keeps it all interesting. I will do my best to define everyone and give history to keep you from getting lost.

I’m open to your comments and thoughts. I would actually LOVE to hear them. The ones I hear now are (of course) biased one way or another. I hope to keep you interested and entertained.